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I’m hanging out at S’bux’s doing sermon prep and I hear my mom’s favorite song. Which got me thinking how I rarely think of my mom. It’s been 14 years since she passed away of cancer. I remember her last few words as I held her, “I see Jesus coming…”

My momma gave her life to Jesus just a few months before she died. Her death was an amazing moment of courage. Years of fighting cancer had take it’s toll on her. She was suppose to die when I was 17-18. But she had a goal in mind. She wanted to make it till I was 21. So she fought and fought and fought.

4 days after I turned 21 she died. My mom was a warrior…But even warriors have to give in to the inevitable.

14 years later It’s hard for me to remember much about her. I think that is sad. Sometimes I have to really think hard to get a glimpse of her in my mind: what she looked like, what clothes she wore, her smile.

My kids ask me about her often….I’m not very sentimental…But they want to know about her. My momma lived a pretty hard life…Beaten by men, divorced 4 times and countless other issues. I really believe her death was the best possible healing, for her and myself. Her death allowed me to move forward as a young man. I no longer have to worry about protecting her. We fought for each other, she would hang on a cross for me if she had to.

So today I study for a sermon, try and buy a house and think about life in general. I’m grateful that I heard that song that sparked many good memories of my mom.


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  1. just WOW!

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