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In one month from today I should be moving into my new home, if all goes well of course. Our interest rate went up so I’m HAMMERING the loan guy to do something about that. It moved like 1/2 percent over the weekend. BTW-If you want the best rate always wait to lock-in at the end of the week or weekend. Just a quick real estate tip. 🙂

Of course we are now in the process of determining what we need. I would write out the list but I’m not sure cyberspace has enough room at this point. It really got me thinking about discretionary spending. One of the benefits of living in Texas is the amount of so-called “discretionary” money that we have. Texans get paid the same salaries that most folks make in other markets where the cost of living is 3-4 times higher. That being said, we have to pay steep property taxes, which causes me to cringe.

But what really stinks about buying a homes is how much it taxes your resources. It’s so easy for a home to suck the financial life out of the homeowner. We feel like we need everything-today. Its easy to spend all of our extra time and resources on our home.

The reason I’m saying this is simple. I don’t want to be the guy who does nothing but builds my own empire. I don’t want to be the guy who spends every Saturday at Home (freaking) Depot. There are so many needs in our world and I want to somehow have money and time to focus on “bigger” issues then my own empire.

I’m very very very grateful to be able to buy a home. It’s an investment for sure. I’m to the point that I hated throwing money away in rent-it just makes no sense. At the same time I have this huge fear that my life will be consumed by this whole process.


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