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Yesterday was one of those long but good days. A day that ended with community group. Last night we had a raw somewhat depressing conversation on suffering. The fact is life will not always be “good.” Suffering is real, conflict with people is real, financial hardships are real. Nowhere in the Bible does it say life will always be good when you follow Jesus.

In a few weeks Vista will do a series called Reset: a Biblical response when life goes wrong. We want to help our people understand that life will have ups and downs. Yet Jesus walks with us no matter what, and he calls us to walk with him no matter what, even in those moment where the Kingdom of God seems silent and distant.

Last night I was at home dead tired, feeling the burden of our people. The unanswered prayers, the broken relationships, the financial hardships. Somehow in the midst of all this lies the Kingdom of God. Again it’s days like yesterday that remind you of the beauty of the church. The church is imperfect but it still represent the God. And the church still is the hope that our world needs. This gives me energy to move forward and serve God. Even when life is going wrong.


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