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It’s another lovely Saturday morning here in Austin. I thought I would give a quick update on my little life.

Housing: So far everything is on track for us to close at the end of the month. We locked in our interest rate yesterday and I’m really happy with the outcome. Hopefully our taxes come back before closing. That will be a huge relief. We shall see. My girls are 7 & 5, in two months they will be 8 & 6. And they’ve never lived in a house. So they are very excited.

Church: Vista is moving forward. This week we will be moving our office location. I can’t tell you how excited I am. We basically have dial-up at our current office. Plus my house is like 1 mile from the office. I think this will be so big for us. Yesterday we met with two ladies in the church who are going to volunteer over the summer. They are going to focus on our admin needs and start putting systems in place. Again, this is vital for us. We can’t move forward until we really focus on this area.

HELP: Help End Local Poverty has slowed a bit. We had to cancel our trip to Africa this summer. The cost of airfare is currently outrageous and we only had a few months to fund-raise. I wanted to make sure this trip went well so I’m very happy to have 5 months to put it all togehter. But very sad I will have to wait to return to Africa. I can’t wait to see my friends and continue to build the relationships we started last November.

My goal is to take the entire summer to focus on HELP. I hope by Sept the organiztion will be moving forward and we can start raising money for specific needs that our vital. I do struggle with juggling HELP and Vista. Both have huge needs and it takes a ton of focus and effort to move forward and lead effectively.

Here is what I know, if I’m going to make this happen, I have to become a better leader, period. I feel the weight of this responsibility and my prayer as of late has been this very issue. I need to expand my own capabilities (by God’s power) as a follower of Christ and a leader.

I’m hoping to connect with some key leaders who have built effective non-profits so I can learn from them and hopefully find a key mentor. I’m also looking to put togehter a team of advisors who are simply better then me in specific areas of needs. I want this team to hold me accountable and make sure I have a clear vision and a pathway so we can be effective.

Life: Life in general is amazing. God is good. Necole’s business is doing very well. We’ve been thinking/praying about starting our own salon. Lot’s of work but some big possibilties. Also, we are still considering an international adoption. I think in Sept we will get serious about this. That being said, we do understand that we have a lot on our plate. So we don’t want to be spread to thin.

Sports: Lakers Vs Utah will be tough series. My predication-Lakers in 6.


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  1. Great post. I was just thinking, “Hmmm I wonder what Marlow is up to?” And so head over to the blog and Voila! A general update post on your life. Just what I was looking for. Congrats on the house! And if you still want to go to Africa this summer, I think Kerry’s going to have some extra tix available to Malawi if some of our students don’t get on the ball with support raising…

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