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For those who know me well…or read my blog, then you will know that my writing is by no means refined. Big reason for this is the 4 F’s I collected in English in the 9th grade and being kicked out of my 10th grade class for throwing a fellow student through a window and also slamming another students head into a desk. (ask me if that student was a boy of girl, I dare you) 

By 12th grade I got into a major fight at a Carl’s Jr in Cali. Needless to say it caused a local riot at my High School & Youth Group. One day I was in school (English class-NO JOKE) and the po-po (police) rolled into my class and took me away. Why, because their was like 50 gangsters looking for me. Later that night they found me at youth group. All hell broke loose and the police were called out. I was reaching out to multiple gangs at one time. So the situation kinda got out-of-hand. My close friends stood up for me (IN A BIG WAY) and things almost got ugly…real ugly.

So my High School kicked me out. I was the President of the Christian club. But sometimes the past catches up with you and life happens. At Carl’s Jr I was just getting lunch with two neighborhood friends and they saw a rival gang member and the fight occurred. My friend jumped out of my car and slid through the drive-thru window and beat some dude pretty bad. Problem was the place was full of said dudes friends. So I kinda had to help my two friends. 

Funny thing is a pastor from my church was eating lunch and saw the whole thing. 

After High School I went to Bible College in Sac-town and got a degree in theology.  Then I studied business in Seattle. I even avoided English in college 🙂 

So one of my personal goals is to learn how to become a better writer. Why, because I love to write. I just suck at it the formal side of it. 

If you have any recommended resources let me know. 




  1. this is no joke. the best is homeschool material. here is the linky

  2. wow… i know a bit of your past but didn’t know that much… wow. and what i find most amazing about that, on a bunch of levels, is that you were the president of the Christian club. not surprised you were the president of something, nor that you were involved with a community of Christian people, but the ‘Christian club’? another wow.

  3. i would suggest bird by bird by anne lamott. funny, practical. also, numerous people that i have talked to that are great writers like stephen kings book on writing. hope that helps.

  4. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! that’s hardcore, bro. hardcore.

    i second the “bird by bird” recommendation.

    oh, and you should not take notes from your commenters. we never use caps in the right places. 😉

  5. Virgil at the UT Writing Center can help with just about any writing problem:

    Since we’re confessing: I was president (or the equivalent thereof; I don’t think we elected anybody, I just ran the meetings) of the Bible Club in h.s.

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