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So a lot of people keep asking me what is twittering. So I thought I would take a second to respond. 

Twitter is a mico-blog. Think texting. But you have followers. So every time you twitter (post info with a max of 140 characters) that info goes to all of your followers with one-click.  

So why twitter? 

My unofficial observation is this: If you are an admin heavy type, you will not like the idea of twittering. If you’re like me and work in chaos then twittering is a “release” that causes energy. I’m a people-person. I’m not an office type. I love networking, researching, connecting, parties, meetings, conversations, blogs, facebooks and working in public spaces like coffeeshops and pubs. It’s how I’m wired.

However, it can be a distraction. Therefore I’m learning how to steal what my friend John calls airplane mode. There are certain times that I have to create space for silence and focus. Like when I’m watching the Laker game and they are losing. (I have not had to worry about this lately 🙂 I shut down everything because of my stress level.  (Whoops, hold on-someone just twittered… Carlos is wondering if it’s OK for a Christian lady to have a breast enhancement)

OK…I’m back. Sorry for the interruption. Sometimes you just have to shut down everything and focus. If you can’t do that, then you better shut-down your blogs and twitters and facebook account period. 

Now you can have fun twittering, but you can also use if for productive means.  Tadd is using Twitter as a communication tool for his church. I’m thinking about using twitter as a tool for prayer. What if we create a twitter page and you can have family and friends “twitter” a prayer request? How cool is that? Their are many ways to use this application. It just takes some creativity. I will also use Twitter for Help End Local Poverty and when I’m on future mission trips. 

Twittering is not for everyone. If you don’t like it that is cool. Just don’t be an arse and put others down. Hopefully this post is helpful and if you want to follow me on twitter click the link below.

My Twitter Page.



One Comment

  1. i like your idea of using twitter as a means of communication for prayer, etc.

    one time i got sick and was twittering all night long, i just couldn’t stop. 🙂

    sorry, couldn’t help it.

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