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So I went to the doctor today. Long story short my foot is fine. A few pills and “poof” the pain will be gone. To bad I waited 6 days. Why do I procrastinate????

In 2 weeks we will close on our new home. Lot’s of work to do. But I can’t wait to move. Lot’s of parties at the Marlow’s this summer.

If the Lakers lose tomorrow I may never see that new home. I’ll be in the local mental hospital sucking my thumb and cursing all things mormon. The last Laker game was intense. It’s been four years since I got that “into” a game. My family literally left. Dog stayed in the other room. When I watch the Laker game I’m kinda like the Hulk or something. I even cursed my friend via twitter. 

Spent this afternoon setting up the new office. Man stuff like that is a lot of work. Can’t wait to be done. Props to the folks who came out to help yesterday. Thanks. 

Necole and I are starting to look a bit deeper into adoption. My biggest fear is the longevity. It could take up to 3 yrs. Stupid. Of course the 30 g’s also suck. 

Listening to the new Death Cab For Cutie. A bit different but good. Creative writing. 

Hillarie Clinton is nuts. I’ve lost what little respect I had for her. It’s time for her to go, leave, say goodbye and admit Obama has won. He may not have the experience to pick up the phone at 3am, but he does have the experience to run a better campaign then HC. BTW-If HC can’t stay out of debt while running her own campaign, how is she going to help the American economy? Just saying. 






  1. That last line made me laugh.

  2. Hail Hillary! Hillary 4-life!! I could not respect her more for sticking it out!!

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