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I just received an email from my friend Steven who lives in Cape Town and serves local pastors in Zimbabwe. He just spent a few days in Zimbabwe. The email is very encouraging.

This is why pastors from the West must learn from pastors from the East. Through chaos and circumstances that are almost unthinkable-they still build the Kingdom. Amazing.

Greetings from South Africa!

I can’t explain how tired I am after our big (2500+ miles!) road trip to Zimbabwe, but it is early Saturday morning and still everyotherfriday for most of you, and Amy and I are HOME! Thank you for your prayers, and thank God for a safe and peaceful trip. Mostly though, thank God for the grace and strength he is giving to the Church in Zimbabwe, and pray for more of the same, along with healing and peace for that beautiful, troubled land.

* No bread on the shelves, as flour can not be sourced for the bakeries. Pray that God will sustain life for those who are hungry and that both stomachs and hearts can be filled with the Bread He gives.

* Electricity was only available for around three hours a day (usually midnight until 3AM) and water that needs to be boiled flows from the tap for less than one fourth of the day. Pray that Light, Power, and Living Water will come from the True Source.

* Still no Presidential election, and opponents of the government are being beaten and threatened and chased away from their homes (by the testimony given to us in Zimbabwe by someone we trust). Pray that the Prince of Peace will reign over fear and violence and that the God of Justice will establish His rule.

* Family Praise Fellowship (our partnering church) is growing, training missionaries and new pastors, caring for 64 orphaned and abandoned children, starting missional businesses, and planning to build a church building (the first in their 25 years as a church) and a new home for orphaned children. In the midst of an economic, political, and social collapse unparalleled in today’s world, the church is advancing the Kingdom of God in miraculous and inspiring ways! Praise God for churches like FPF and for followers of Jesus like the Christians in Zimbabwe, and pray that as they continue to serve, we might learn from their example.

More pictures and stories will find their way to the blog at in a reasonable amount of time, but sleep, digging out under a week’s worth of emails, and an all-day conference on Monday will be the excuses I use for tardiness this time around.

We’re hopeful that in the next everyotherfriday email, which not coincidentally should arrive in your inbox two Fridays from now, we will be able to announce that the children in the Zimbabwe home for children are available to be sponsored monthly for $30. This will help cover all of their living expenses, send them to school, and keep them well fed and cared for. We will be sure and keep you posted – we’re very excited about finally entering into this more formal support of our friends’ ministries in Zimbabwe, and we are praying that all of the children will be fully sponsored in a matter of days or weeks!

* As a special note, please pray for our friend Christina. She was just married a few weeks ago, and was mugged and shot outside her home while we were away this week. She was in ICU for five days, but seems to be making a good physical recovery. Pray for her healing and for her emotional and spiritual healing as well, pray for her new husband Bruce, and pray for the healing of all of those in South Africa who would carry out such violent attacks


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