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Its been a busy weekend and I’m glad it’s over. Ready to hit the ground running this week. 

  • Lakers Won. So pumped. Ton of respect for Utah. I think NO will beat SA tomorrow. We shall see. 
  • We started a new series today called Reset: What happens when life goes wrong. Good response and a much needed series. 
  • We had our deacon meeting today. We talked systems. Here is what I love: our deacons kept reminding us to not get too caught up in systems that we forgo mission. YES!
  • Bailey had her biggest homework project ever. Lot’s of work. I had no clue you learned businesses skills in second grade. But she now understands how a business runs. This summer we are going to help her start her own business. 
  • Enjoyed lunch at Mighty Fine with some Vista peeps and dinner at in-laws. 
  • Busy week ahead. I seriously need to focus. 
  • After we get the house done…Necole and I are going to fill out the paperwork and move forward on the adoption. Ethiopia is a popular location and seems to have the easiest process. We did find one agency that is working in Rwanda. May also look into Haiti. 
  • Its time to start packing for the big move. 9 days till we close. I can’t wait for this to be over. I’m ready. BTW-Front lode washer and dryers are freaking expensive. Just saying. 
  • We have out walk-thru tomorrow. Hope all is well. 

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