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So I hard a rumor today that Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio were going to start a new church in Atlanta. So I did google search and found Human3rror blog, looks like the rumors are true:

It’s true. Chris Tomlin announced today, in a partners/members meeting after the 9:30am service, that he is planning to leave the Austin Stone Community Church to pursue God’s calling to start up a new church with long time friend and partner Louie Giglio in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Pretty crazy. I think Atlanta will have a new mega-church soon. 




  1. “mega-church”… possibly… but I think God’s got some crazy plans for Louie, Tomlin, and the gang… who knows?!

    It’s an exciting thing, that’s for sure.

  2. The Tomlin-Giglio mega church will be coming to Atlanta. The only thing that could that would a major sex scandal.

  3. or maybe they are out of the will of God…starting a church right next to the very one that built them up?

  4. I heard the rumor last Sunday and was very surprised but most certainly will support it! I am a charter member of NPCC and NPCC will remain my home church but I see no threat whatsoever to our mission from a new church.

    God knows that Atlanta doesn’t “need another church” but if I know Louie, he’s been talking to God about this for some time and would not be doing it if he didn’t think it was coming from Him!!!

  5. it should also be noted that matt redman is joining this effort.

  6. ATL doesn’t need another church???? So, everyone there must be saved or the Gospel has been preached to them.

    Does “be fruitful and multiply” not apply in our day? Just a thought.

  7. I hear Louie’s sermon today at NPCC and I have to say that the Alpharetta area, especially on the west side of 400 could always use another church. Louie and Andy are two different kind of speakers. Louie, to me, is more traditional and passionate about his sermons. I am praying their church will be up in the area where Cherokee County, Cumming.

    If God called Louie, no one can speak against it. You follow God, step out and when you obey HIM, you do not fail.

    I am in Louie and I am a senior citizen. Waiting, hoping and praying you will be up our way.

  8. He talks a little bit more about it in this sermon posted below, but doesn’t give his intent on what is next yet just that he won’t be preaching at 7/22. This might be old news because I only get to watch the online sermons that are posted.

    I think he is trusting God and making a solid decision.


  9. A friend sent an e-mail about “The Incredible God” saying that Louie is a Medical Doctor. I could find no evidence of this at any website. Is this true?

  10. Our church has lost its entire staff in less than 15 months. Not only has all of our staff resigned but we are also in the process of building our new Sanctuary and Family Life Center. We know God has something wonderful and exciting in the works for us. Would love to have Mr. Giglio and Mr. Tomlin submit their resumes to our search committees. Crestview Baptist, Griffin, GA.

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