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I really enjoyed these thoughts from Sacred Space this morning:

The strange story of Jesus’ Transfiguration on Mount Tabor describes what we would call ‘a peak experience.’ The three witnesses, Peter, James and John, are bowled over by the sense of exaltation, light and happiness. Peter wants to build a tent there. He wants to keep it this way. ‘Not so’, says Jesus. Actually it can never be so. Down the mountain they must slide. The transfiguration is a reminder that nothing in this world is static or permanent. Living beings change and move. We are forever in the business, not of holding on, but of letting go. We may think that, by owning or capturing or tent-building, we can make the party last forever. Not so. Our God can never be held or locked in a tent. Our God lives with us and lovingly moves through time with us. That is why moments like birthdays, or times of togetherness, remind us that God’s light shines from within us all. They are moments to remember with joy.



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