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Wow…So many memories. I HATE the Celtics. Bird…Mchale…Parish….DJ…AINGE…God I hate all those guys. 

I love me some Magic… Scott…Worthy…Green…Kareem…Cooper…Thompson…Fisher…Fox…Shaq…Kobe…Horry.

Celtics are the best NBA organization ever. Dominated B-ball in the the 60’s, very very good in the 70’s and 80’s. 

The Lakers have been to more NBA Championships….The Celts have won the most NBA Championships. 

So many possibilities. Kobe in the Garden. KG’s first ring. I hate LA chants.

My thoughts:

Lakers have an advantage in experience. Kobe & D. Fish have won 3 rings and Phil 9. 

Lakers are used to stingy D. Utah and SA. Celts will have to adjust to LA offense. 

Lakers are battles tested. Celts had to play one good team-and that was Detroit. Lakers played 3 teams with 50+ wins. 

Celts have home courts. Plus the NBA Final format is bad for the road team. I don’t like it. 2-3-2. Basically there is a good chance you need to win two on the road. It’s hard to beat a team 3 straight times. Lot’s of pressure in the beginning on Celts. If you lose 1 game at home, you may not go back.

So who wins. I’m a Laker fan…I think Kobe and Phil wil tip the balance. I call Lakers in 6.

LET THE WAR BEGIN. Oh crap…We have to wait a week?!?!?! So lame.  




  1. hey chris,
    congrats on your house! that’s awesome…
    that was a foul the other night – wouldn’t have made a difference in the big picture but what a horrible no-call at a crucial time
    that being said, glad it’s lakers-celtics… i can’t believe the celtics haven’t been there since ’87 – i’m getting really old
    i agree with you about the playoff format being bad for the road team but i think it’ll be the lakers in 7

  2. Well Ive seen the BoSox and the Pats win in my lifetime, I was too little to remember the glory days, so I’m pulling for my Celts!! No matter what I’m oping for some great games.

  3. biggest lakers advantage

    doc rivers

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