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Quick update on my little life.

1. We moved into the new house. So grateful to be there. Thanks to all those who helped us move. We’ve been unpacking like mad. Yesterday I spent 5 hours with Time Warner Cable, by far the longest cable appointment of my life. But now all the technology is up and running, the house is mostly unpacked and the parties will begin soon. 

2. Tuesday I had somewhat of a scary doctor’s appointment. My blood results were elevated and their was numerous possibilities like cancer, diabetes, heart problems and such. Lucky for me I got a clean bill of health. But of course the doc called me “fat” and said I need to eat better and exercise. OK, he did not call me fat but I still need to eat better and workout. This has now become priority number one in my life. Although the doc called me “stressed” and “tensed.” He told me I need to manage my stress better. Which that is not going to happen anytime soon because the Lakers/Celtics series starts tonight. I DO NOT ENJOY THIS. I get tensed, stressed and emotional. Yes its an addiction-bad for me. I know I know. But I can’t help it. My one hope is that the Lakers CRUSH the Celtics, but that is a bit far-fetched. 

3. I’m totally wiped. Hoping to regain some much needed energy and focus next week. Their is no question this is one of the biggest issues that we all face. Our lives are being pulled in so many directions. It’s hard to manage it all. But it is a necessity-so it must be done. Bit now I have to write a sermon for Sunday. Got the outline done-now its time to study. 




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