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I’ve felt very little inspiration to blog as of late. Usually that means I’m not spending time being creative, reading and thinking. Why you ask? Well…let me answer in one word: SYSTEMS. 

Vista has gone through some tough financial times this past month. Many days are bank account was RED. We’ve had to push back payroll, pay bills late etc. This is the reality of church planting. We’ve always been pretty healthy from a budget perspective. But not this month. Lots of things collided at once and caused some chaos.

But to be truthful, it was not nessessary. Had we had proper systems in place we would have fared better. This is a basic leadership mistake that needed to be corrected. 

I hate working on systems…But I have to do it. So I’ve spent many hours hammering out all of our processes, meeting with various folks to clarify needs and trying to get our church focused on the next step. Their are days I want to jump out the window (Laker games are not helping with this) and not worry about all this “office” kinda of stuff. 

Here is the deal…systems can propel mission or cause it to cease. Help End Local Poverty can’t move forward till we can throw some funds into it, we can’t hire key staff until we get key processes in place. It does no good to reach people and not know the process in-which they can grow and become connected. 

I love the potential we have. But potential is really just an empty word if the potential is never realized. Therefore I will continue to work on stuff I hate as long as it bears fruit, which it already has. 





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