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So last night was quite frustrating. How could the Lakers play so well the 1st half then so poor the 2nd half?

MY thoughts:

– Their comes a time when you recognize that one team is just better then the other team. Boston is just  a better team then LA. Ray found his shot, the bench played great, they fought through injuries. 

– NBA conspiracy folks can rest now. Now one can blame the refs. Boston just played better. 

– I’m really tired of the media cramming Kobe vs. MJ comparisons. I mean, for real…Its old, I”m tired of MJ. Let move on folks and enjoy Kobe, D-Wade, Lebron and others for who they are. Maybe when their careers are over then we can compare. 

– The NBA has to speed up the playoff process. It’s DRAGS on way to long. I’m mentally wiped. I almost don’t care, I just want the playoffs to be over. 

As for the Lakers…

– I think we forgot that this team lost their 2nd best player, made some in-seasons trades and they still almost one it all. If Bynum was playing in this series, it would have changed a lot of things. The dude is a stud-in-the-making and can play offense and defense. We really needed his D in this series. 

– Our future is bright. Sometimes you have to lose before you learn how to win. You learn on the fly. (still can’t blow 24 point leads) 

– I think we will win a championship or two in the next 4-5 years. Its going to be fun to watch and follow. 

As for this year…Unless we make some sort of epic comeback…Congrats to the Celtics. Hopefully we can do this again next year. Although I’m still shocked that they almost lost to the Hawks. Go figure. 


One Comment

  1. “Boston is just a better team then LA.”
    FINALLY….YOU SEE THE LIGHT! 🙂 Oh and I’ll be wearing my green on sunday btw

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