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Here is the unfortunate but brutal reality. Looking forward to hitting the gym and tackling my weight issue. The death of Tim Russert has also motivated me that much more. Not only do I have to manage my weight and eat better, I also have to manage my stress and practice the Biblical rhythms of life which includes a sabbath. 

I hope to hit the gym Mon-Tues take Wed off and then back to the gym Thurs-Sat. I wanted to start last week but my harley tat was raw flesh. BTW-burns HURT 🙂

Every Saturday I will post a pic of my weight. 

Starting Weight: 248.6

Goal Weight by Sept 1st: 220

Weekly Activity: No gym. But I ate a lot better. I actually have more energy now, which is good. 



  1. Hey Chris, I pray for success on your journey toward health brother. Hopefully a trainer out there will take you on pro bono. Trainers or workout partners are like gold in maintaining the routine. Blessings bro.

  2. Good luck, mate! I way the same!!!!! You’re making me feel bad… and fat.


  3. My wife just bought me a gym membership… guess I have to use it now. Want to race to see who loses the highest weight %? It could be like Biggest Loser: Blog Edition

  4. Go to They’ve got really great tools including a calorie calculator that is super easy to use!

  5. I’m in for the Biggest Loser: Blog Edition.

    That could be fun and humiliating. Let me know.

  6. erick,

    i’m in bro. what do you propose???

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