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Today has been one of those “good” days. After a  budget meeting this morning that almost caused my head to explode. By nature I’m a dreamy type of fellow so whenever I stop dreaming I start dying or I get waaaayyyy Type A.

So I needed a release and I got one. J Ashdown called me; he just attended a conference session by Erwin McManuin Sac-town . I hope J unlocks this a bit for us but Erwin talked about three-key areas of connecting to our community. I forgot the first…But the second was redeeming the workplace. But it’s the third area that got me more pumped then a bodybuilder on steroids.  (minus the extra shrinkage.)

Erwin said we need to redeem the places that we’ve been invited to already. (think Acts/Mars Hill) I love that thought. So powerful and true. So many times we are trying to push down doors to share our faith. But if we serve and love and give there is a really good chance we will be invited to share the gospel with those around us. They will want to know…They will be desperate. Our lives should be that different.

Of course the key is doing life who those who are far from God. So we can love them and hope that one day we will be invited to share the gospel because we’ve already lived the gospel in their midst.

How dope is that!


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