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Scotty just sent me these pics: Xenophobia in South Africa – The Big Picture –

WARNING: These are some of most horrific pictures you will see.

Amazing pics that shows the current turmoil. The crisis in Zimbabwe is spilling over to S. Africa which creates massive tension and then chaos comes to the forefront and really sad things happen.

But let me say this: There is so much to be hopeful for. It’s hard in the West to see the good that is going on. Please keep that in mind. That being said, please do something to help. Support a local church, pray for the leaders and the country, donate to various organizations that are on the ground like Servlife & Steven & Amy who live in Cape Town and serve S. Africa, Zimbabwe and Sudan.

I think God calls the church to go to the darkest places of the world…So the gospel can explode and hope can come and life can be redeemed.


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  1. My dad was in one of the camps for Somalis in Cape Town a couple of weeks back – apparently the conditions were appalling, but a Baptist minister had been put in charge and was busy getting it organized. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in Congo, it’s that even in the midst of horrific situations, there are almost always people who step up to serve, even with extremely limited resources.

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