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Alright…I’m officially ready to start this thing. I’ve had a slew of health issues lately. It’s been four weeks since I burned my leg on Wade’s Harley-damn that was a pain, raw flesh and sweat do not mix.

 So this past week I FINALLY got into a good rhythm. Here’s the scoop. 

Hit the pool with Wade & Mangum at 6:30 twice this week. I also ran (not a lot) once and yesterday I spent the entire day walking in a theme park. I also ate pretty good. I still need to eat better. I’m trying to stay away from processes food as much as possible. More fruit, veggies etc. I’m also looking at doing some-sort of cleanse. Any recommendations? 

Therefore I really feel like I can now focus on a legit weight-loss challenge. Here are my goals this week:

1. 3 cardio sessions. (swim, run and bike)

2. 3 Weight-lifting sessions

3. Eat clean and healthy. 

I weight 249.5. So let’s see If I can start chipping away.



  1. So little known fact.. I am way into healthy eating and natural lifestyles. Jesse and I eliminated all high fructose corn syrup a year ago and rarely buy processed foods. We eat a mostly organic diet because I have some skin allergies that flare up if I eat to many synthetics and chemicals in foods. In fact we have started frequenting the farmers markets which surprisingly has cut our grocery bill by 1/3 per week. The largest farmers market in the US is in south Austin and there is another downtown at Republic Square Park. Even with gas prices our grocery bill is decreased by enough its worth the drive. Round Rock has one but the selection isn’t worth it imo. The others even have fresh fish, meat, chicken, dairy etc. Plus you learn a lot about eating seasonally which gives you the greatest nutrients in the foods you do eat.

    As far as a cleanse a product call “Simple Cleanse” is great. You still eat but your diet is heavily focused on veggies and whole foods. (which it always should be) Anyway, whatever you do you want a cleanse that has enough fiber in it or you will suffer not-nice-lots-o-time-in-the-bathroom consequences. Plus “SImple Cleanse” also gives you beneifical pro-biotics to add to your intestinal track to replace what you flush out. They make two types one has a fiber drink (kinda grainy) the other has it in pill form. You can get it at Whole Foods or Central Market for about 28.00.

    As far as running goes Jesse and I are several weeks into training for a 5 k. Neither of us have ever been runners but we found a great 5k plan and beginning running plan on We have lost about 15 pounds each just since incorporating running into our routines! Feel free to hit me up on further info on any of this stuff. Best of luck!

  2. I started South Beach about 2 weeks ago and I am down 10lbs. I’m riding a lot more and eating a lot healthier. For me – cutting sugar and limiting carbs is the key.

    Beware – the body breaks down really fast when you ramp up exercise – did that earlier this year… Be sure to REST. Recovery is huge…

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