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As the weekend winds down my thoughts are already moving towards the week ahead. But before I get ahead of myself let me recap. 

This morning at Vista we showed the story of Emmy from The Invisible Children Crew. We are going through a book study in Nehemiah and today was chapter five. I spoke on justice and how God gets angry when people of power use that power to do evil things. Like that arsehole Mugabe. 

Story is simply amazing. I wanted our people to put a face behind a continent.  We also had two Vista peeps share their stories. One is Casey Creamer who is heading to the Middle East next month. The other is Bill Baker who is building a boys ranch in W. Texas for fatherless boys. Great men doing some great things.

After church we headed downtown for some Wahoo’s and I ran into Johnathon Dodson. I love that guy. I was able to meet his wife and kids and he also had his church crew with him. Looks like God is on the move at Austin City Life. So awesome. 

After lunch we headed home to hang with the Wade’s and the family. Played some Wii and poker and sipped some margarita’s. 

I can’t wait for this week to begin. My focus is working on Help End Local Poverty vision and planning our next few trips to Africa.


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