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Leadership was the rave of the 90’s American church culture. We would all flock to John Maxwell Conferences in hopes of becoming a great leader. Then reality hits you in the face and you realize that leadership is simply hard. Especially in the church world. I’ve learned many lessons over the years like the following:

1. Great leaders can’t be people pleaser’s. Their is no way you can please everyone and still move the church or organization forward. Everyone who’s not a pastor seems to know how to pastor the church better then the pastor. It’s like a arm-chair sports nut who thinks he is better coach or player then the professional. Very few people think holistically, very few see the big picture. 

2. Listen: Great leaders have to listen well. Must folks are doing their best and want to be helpful. Even the disgruntled can become disgruntled because they care-not because they are spiteful. Leaders must listen to the people. If you’re wrong admit. If you disagree admit it. But listen none-the-less. It’s a hard balance to allow everyone to have a voice. To many voice creates chaos and becomes a detrimental to the church, 

3. Spiritual: You can’t be a great church leader if you’re not focused on prayer and walking HUMBLY with God. Humility is vital. Even Type A folks like myself can’t use personality as an excuse. 

4. Learn: I know I have to have people around me who will teach me how to navigate certain aspects of ministry and life. Wisdom comes in the counsel of many. Find leaders who will pour into your life. 

5. Team: You need a team of people who will not drain your energy. These are the people who will help you thrive. These are the people who will give you encouragement and hope. Spend the a lot time with these folks. 

6. You can come and you can go: Leaders have to learn to let people leave. No one person (or giver) is bigger then the entire organization. Some people simply take to much energy to deal with. It’s okay to perfect yourself. Pastor’s are humans-we can’t handle everything, we are not super-hero’s.

7. Leaders can’t breakdown: Here is what I mean. Every time there is an issue in the church. A leader can’t breakdown or let the issues consume the leader. Life would suck because their are always issues. It never ends. Therefore leaders must learn how to lead in the midst of this tension. Of course this is not easy. But I can’t always be freaked out about every little aspect of my church. 

8. Is not your church: Jesus is the Lead Pastor. Nobody else. My job as an Elder is hear His voice and obey. That is my MAIN task. Nothing can stand in the way of obedience t Jesus.


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