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So Apple is the king of hype. Therefore tomorrow morning folks across America will line-up in hopes of getting a new iPhone 3G. I’m wondering if I should be one? I think I will pass for a bit and see how this all plays out. 

I really want to see how the new software update will enhance my current iPhone. I do have a friend who can get me 20% off and if I sell my current iPhone (4 GB) then I could literally get one without wrecking my budget. But it will cost more monthly. So we shall see.

Benefits for me:

1. Faster web experience. 

2. More GB space. (This also helps when I travel. 40 hour plane rides can be BRUTAL) Gimme some games and movies. 

3. 3G for international travel. 

4. Better battery life. (looks like this is a debate)

5. Video Chat (3rd party app)

Anyhow I added some great links if you want to do some more research. 

Are you getting the iPhone? If so why? If not…Why?

Top 10 Reasons to Buy the New iPhone 3G – Michael Hyatt

State of the Art – For iPhone, the ‘New’ Is Relative –

Software for new iPhone benefits current owners – Digital Home- (Look’s like you can now video chat!?!?!)



  1. I think the 3G is going to wreck the battery life in the long run – maybe not at first… but after the battery gets a little life into it.

    So that being said I’d see myself turning the 3G on and off to conserve battery life – but I’d always be paying for it – even if I wasn’t using it – that in my mind is the reason I can’t justify it.

    I’ve also heard that the battery is the same exact battery that the 1st Gen uses – just a different form factor (hence the new case design). This means that all the new “improved battery life” will be software based… and guess what… I get that with 2.0! Hoo-ray!!

  2. I think I can justify the expense if I continue to travel. But If I”m in a cafe and or office the majority of the time-then well…I don’t need 3G that much.

    Although the sucky thing for me is space. I can’t add very many apps and music and movies on 4GB.

  3. Yeah – I’d agree with your space issue – that’s HUGE… having the 8GB first gen has been nice to have.

  4. I have had the 8gb 1gen and love it. I can’t see enough of a hardware update to justify paying more the 3G phone over the course of the 2year contract than I paid for my first one.

    Also, there is no video chat capabilities on the 3G phone. And unless At&t is giving discounts to employees, I know Apple is not giving it to theirs.

    Plus the plastic back is going to be huge for some. I love having a metal backing for me to beat to crap, right… Right!

    If you wanna sell your 4gb phone. I’ll buy it. $100 My wife would love it.


  5. I’ll by your old one for $101… and you can keep your daughter (I have two kids of my own that I’m trying not to screw up).

  6. you can use the 1st gen iphone for international travel. justin did when he went to china. i don’t think international use is enough reason. i was excited when i heard the new ones were coming out, but when i saw the differences, i was like, “psshh, are you kidding me?” not worth it to me. video ichat will not be available on the new iphones, even as a third party app. the camera is on the other side of the phone. you wouldn’t be able to see the screen and look into the camera at the same time.

  7. I agree with most of the other comments here, a space upgrade for you is probably the only justification. 3G for international travel isn’t enough…you’ll still need to foot an international plan bill which for data which will probably run an additional $60/month and won’t be unlimited. Also depends where you’re traveling as 3G is not available everywhere….you’re better off just finding hotspots which you can do with 1st gen. I’ll have an 8gb 1st gen for sale in ~Dec for interested parties. 🙂

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