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This morning I got up and immediately fired-up the macbook so I could download the new iPhone updates. Boy was that a bad decision. Man o man…after doing some normal updates my phone went into brick-mode and itunes was showing an error. To my utter dismay I begin to sweat drops of frustration as I assumed I was the tech idiot who did something wrong. So I opened up IM and Twitter so see if any noise was being spread. Nothing. So I started to IM all my tech friends…They had no clue. 

Luckly a few minutes later twitter started getting some hits with people who had the same problem. I was very happy to know that this was an Apple issue and not a Marlow issue. I guess at 10AM (central) the Cali folks starting downloading and things got server-crazy. After an hour or so I was able to get my update working and man I LOVE IT. So many cool apps that will help me stay A.D.D. But I was a bit frustrated. 

I was also talking to new Austinite <a href=””>John Chandler</a>. He is learning culture very well. Below is a pic fron one of our 60-70 daily IM conversations. Ha, who would have thought.

I think that is awesome…Rumor has it John is taking his wife to do a little square dancing soon. 

Anyhow, tonight we are heading out to Mangum’s to BBQ. The Marlow girls stayed at their house last night. I saw Mangum this morning-dude looked like he got ran over by a mac-truck. Ha, welcome to my life. 

Of course the last bit of fun was listening to Scott Wade on Twitter in regards to the iPhone chaos. I thought for sure he was going to go postal (office style) and start breaking things.

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