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I’m spending a good portion of the next few hours trying to define my life. I feel completely unfocused or maybe a better way to say it-i feel scatter-brained. Constantly working on this that and the other with no sense of focus or discipline. I’m using the main “life-categories” as my foundation. 

God, Family, Work (Vista & HELP) Friends, Finances & Health. 

Basically things just aren’t working with the way my family is structured. So I’m hoping to create a better flow so we can rest more, spend time together and have the resources to pour-into the passions that God has given us. Of course the only way for us to do this is for Necole to pioneer her own business. Not something we want to do in a weak economy with a new mortgage. But we need to maximize our income so we can reduce our time working and then we will be able to give more away and spend more quality time as a family that is on mission. That my friend equals great life. 

So my hopes is to cut back Necole’s hours at work, increase her pay in the process so we can be free to travel and do things that are vital yet hard with a two-income family. 

I think if we are going to be a people who bless others we have to think with this attitude. We need time, money and mission. It’s possible…You just gotta find it. So today I’m searching.


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