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I love being a pastor and I love starting a non-profit that fights global poverty. But I really miss the business world, being around those people who are creating the future and pushing the so-called envelope. I miss networking, dreaming and of course all the complaining.

Austin has a huge tech industry which includes many start-up companies and other corporations that are relocating (Paypal) or opening satellite offices such as Google. Everywhere you go there are creatives dreaming BIG about some venture they have.

Of course my first thought is this: How will the local church engage this culture? How do we become a church that is creating the future for these great business leaders to follow? How can we pitch-a-tent in the middle of the marketplace and serve these businesses and these leaders? Help them reach their goals and let them know that the church and Christ is for them not against them.

Here’s what I’m thinking:
1. Office out of cafe’s. Yes their are downfalls…But one thing is for sure-you won’t connect with people if you’re in some church office.
2. Could Vista move to a permanent co-working environment? We could literally run a church while doing life with the business/creative class and possibly cut expenses.
3. Could we start a company, make money for the Kingdom and be on-mission?
4. Could we ask some key families to re-locate in key areas and engage that community?
5. Start a cafe/pub that has events and educational opportunities for entrepreneurs, creatives and social entrepreneurs.

Here is a link to The Austin Emerging 100. This will give you a snap-shot into what’s happening.

What thoughts do you have? How can the church reach the creative business community?



  1. Hey bro, I was sitting back waiting for others to respond here and was surprised that no one did. Because I think these are critical questions.

    #2: I love co-working and its new growth in Austin. You could either join one or start one, as I have not seen one up north yet. Maybe not Vista starting one, but maybe one of your entrepreneurs could start one and build community into it. I really like what has done in East Austin. They built it into an old home and it seems to have a strong community feel.

    #3: You could do this. The only concern I have had is that many businesses fail. This could be more likely to happen if the business model required a lot of supervision making you choose between pastoring and running a business. But… I think it has some possibilities if you can combine potential meeting space into the business model. Then you have a strong, regular income from the church which can rent space when it needs it. What does the NW community need that could be done in convertible space?

    #4 Yes

    #5 I think you could role this into a co-working space if you or someone in your congregation started it. The co-working space could sponsor lunch training, evening socials, parties, etc.

    OK, peace out bro.

  2. Oh yeah, and running HELP out of a co-working environment might get you some free help from others who buy into the vision, whether they are believers or not.

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