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Vista is currently going through a lot of changes. I ‘ll call them growing pains. Sometimes when I’m in the midst of these growing pains I want to simply give up. Their seems to be no way out and so much to do and little resources to help. 

Yet I always have to remind myself that leaders take on a challenge and they lead through it. We have to find the way forward so beauty can come forth and mission can continue. Usually I lose the abilty to lead when I’m mentaly exausted. I start thinking stupid thoughts like living in some small coastal town and surfing all day. Which is strange because I can’t surf. But still…Its sounds fun. But if I did that then I really would not be a leader. 

Sometimes the biggest thing a leader can do is face the music head on and lead even when it sucks and their seems to be no quick-fixes. And in the meantime give God glory for what he has done and is doing in the midst of the current challenges we all face.


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