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I think a key to any organization moving forward and be highly effective is for each person to understand their role in the organization. From a Biblical perspective-we are the church, as the church we are one body with many parts. Yet we are all under the Lordship of Jesus-Jesus is the Lead Pastor/Shepard and are goal is to learn what it means to submit to that leadership.

For the rest of us, our job is to understand our role and calling within the body of Christ. First of all we have to understand that every role is vital, their is no “better” role. If you are the dude on stage, must people assume you are better/higher etc. That is just not case. We all co-submit to each other because we are apart of the body of Christ.

That being said…Their is some clear Biblical structures that are laid out for us to follow. My job as an Elder is to lead The Vista as a local expression of the church here in Austin. Other folks have other responsibilities and we if all understand this the church will be strengthened.

Everyone follows Jesus-but everyone has a certain road to travel on. My job is to empower people to fulfill their roles. That does not make me more powerful or better. It just means I’m trying to fulfill my role in the Kingdom.

So let me ask you a question…What is you’re job? What role do you fulful and how (or are) you doing that?



  1. I want to talk about this via iChat when you get some free time next week.


  2. I think my role is to teach the bible like the guys described in Nehemiah 8:7-8.

  3. sorry for the double. just figuring this stuff out.

  4. Erick,

    Anytime…Love to chat.

    no worries-great scripture.

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