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Blogging helps me process my thoughts. It’s somewhat therapeutic for me. I was discussing my blog with a friend and we were talking about how my blog has grown in readership. For many bloggers they have big churches and people want to know how they grew their church? For me…That is not the case. I pastor a church of 150 that was planted 3 years ago by the Mangum’s and Wade’s amongst others. I’ve done nothing super-special. (from an outsiders perspective)

My friend told me he likes my blog because I “have something to say.” And I do…I want to be the normal guy who works hard everyday. The majority can relate to my story and I think that is very important. That is why I write. (crappy at times) Maybe I will say something to encourage someone else.  

I’ve been hitting the topic of leadership last week. So let me say this: Every leader has to learn priorities. It’s so easy for a pastor, church planter, small business owner to get swept-up in doing things that need to be done, but those things don’t necessarily propel the organization forward. 

Sometimes you have to offend people in a good way, why? Because we must protect our time and make sure we are doing the most important things with the most important people. (from an organizational perspective) Truthfully this sucks…I wish I could be “all things to all people.” But I can’t.  Jesus speent most of his time with the big three, of course he had the twelve and so on. Even he knew he had to have a sense of focus in order to accomplish the mission.

So let me ask you. What are you doing that someone else can do? What are things that only you can (or do) do in your organization? How much time do you spend doing those things?

A leaders empowers other and gives control away. This helps the leader focus on the key initiatives that will drive the organizational forward and cause it to be effective. So stop wasting time, empower some people and focus on a few things that will make a great impact.


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