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Over the past few weeks I’ve been entrenched into some very emotional conversations. Some of these conversation have left me mentally exhausted yet very thankful. I’ve also tried to clarify my life and make sure I’m on-mission. I’ve been pondering the following:

  • If you have a dream…You will have to fight to keep that dream alive.
  • Life is short. I refuse to waste time on issues that don’t matter.
  • Because life is short I refuse to work-it-away. I’m taking a lot more time to enjoy life and spend time with friends and family, travel the world, embrace the present and be in good mood. I just refuse to be cynical all the time.
  • Sideways energy is my enemy…You have to fight this enemy on a daily basis.
  • I HATE the Devil. Evil sucks…I will do everything in my power and use all my resources to fight darkness. Everyday I’m going to seek the Kingdom and be committed to living this out in tangible ways. I desperately want to be apart of a church that thinks, looks and acts like the 1st century church.
  • I refuse to let the past dictate the future and I also refuse to day-dream about what could be. I want to work hard on making my dreams become real…I want to see them alive and active and doing good.
  • I think God wants us to dream bigger then we can imagine. Not from a numerical perspective-but from a Kingdom perspective. You’re life can make a huge impact.
  • We had close to 70 people at our daughters b-day party…Many different nationalities and religions were present. Yet time-and-time again I kept hearing the following: “Chris, your community seems so loving, why is that?” I had parents ask if they could come to our church…One said she had not been in church for over a decade. My girls b-day party was a snap-shot of the Kingdom. We don’t need programs…We just need to live in the thin-space…A the place where God uses us to naturally bring forth the Kingdom in our everyday lives.

I guess I could go on-and-on…But I won’t. Aren’t you happy?!?!?!


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  1. Now if the church was as packed as your house that would rock!! 🙂

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