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I get asked all the time about my favorite cities. Why you ask? Well…Because I’ve lived in a lot of places. 

Here is my adult journey. 

Stockton, CA to Sacramento, CA to Coos Bay, OR back to Sacramento to Dallas, TX to Seattle, WA back to Dallas to Raleigh, NC and finally I ended up here in Austin, TX after a 2-month hiatus in Seattle. Of course I’ve traveled and spent some time in other cities as well. But here are my thoughts on my cities:

Seattle: On a sunny day this (imho) is the best city in America. Love the people, the culture, puget sound, snow-capped mountains etc. Plus the coffee is simply amazing. I could go on-and-on But I won’t. I love Seattle. 

Cons: Of course the weather, It just sucks. Cost of living is high. 

Could I live there again: Oh ya…Anytime. 

Raleigh: I love Raleigh. It’s a true “new-south” feel. I love the charm and sophistication. NC beaches are the best (2 hrs away) and the Smokey Mountains are gorgeous. Maybe the best city to raise a family and it’s affordable. Add a great economy and life is good. 

Cons: It’s not a big city. At times I did get a bit bored. But I think that will change over time. 

Could I live there again: Yes, in a heartbeat. I really miss it. I would say Raleigh has the greatest balance. Affordability, things to-do and proximity.

Dallas: Dallas is a unique city. For some it’s perfect..For me-I can’t stand it. But if you want a big city that has a great economy and cheap to live with a lot of great people, then Dallas could work for. 

Cons: Huge city that is spread-out. HOT in summer and Cold winters with crazy weather that includes ice & snow. And of course it’s in Texas. Sidenote: I love Texas…I just wish it had a legit ocean (which means blue or green water-not BROWN) and some mountains. And of course I hate driving 8-hours while i’m still in the same state. 

Could I live there again: NO NO NO NO 

Sacramento: The best thing about Sacramento is not Sacramento. I think Sac is the best-located city in America. Where else can you be in SF, Monterey, Napa Valley, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe in a 2-3 hour drive? My friends tell me the city is getting better, downtown is great…But Sac in-and-of-itself is not an exciting city. Thank God for the region. 

Cons: Sacramento is a city with no soul. Most folks who live in Sac consider themselves Northern Cali folks. Also you have HOT summers (but not long) and the cost of living is high for a city like Sac. 

Could I live there again: It’s possible. I would have to hang in Sac for a few days and get a feel for it again. 

Austin: I currently live in this city. Austin reminds me of Seattle in the 90’s. Up and coming city that is making some amazing headway.  It’s a mid-size city with the feel of a mega-city. Always something to do and somewhere to go. It’s a place for movers and shakers. Great food, live music, beautiful river and lake and nice rolling hills. Of course the people are awesome. People tell me all the time that Austin is on the short-list of cities they want to live in. 

Cons: HOT. So far this summer we’ve had 30 days of 100 + weather. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. We also don’t get a lot of seasons. 8 months of great weather, but the summer is harsh. Also, it’s in Texas. (See above-Dallas) I love Texas…But you can’t get in your car and drive 2 hours to amazing mountains or oceans-When you grow up in Cali, that is hard to swallow. 

Could I live here again: If I live in Austin for 20 years I would be very happy. I love the fact that I get to see this city change right before my eyes. So much creativity. Austin is a lot like SF and Seattle…One-of-a-kind cities that are so unique you enjoy being there.

So there you have it…I’m sure this will cause some controversy but that is a good thing. What city do you live in and what do you like or dislike?


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  1. I’d have to agree with the Seattle bit although I’ve never lived there. I do have to say Tucson is a pretty sweet place if you love non-stop sunshine and outdoor adventure 365 days a year.

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