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I wrote this post last week and forgot to post it: 

I’m learning a few things about myself that I don’t like. While in NC I really found a pace-of-life that I liked. I felt very whole and content. Here is Austin I’ve allowed myself to once-again get “SUPER” busy. I’m working 7-days a week and I’m truly not taking time to recover or rest. 

Now here is what’s amazing: I feel less productive & less creative. 

Being busy has become a mantra for my generation. I want nothing to do with it. Matter-of-fact I think busyness is keeping me from experiencing the beauty of life. When I”m to busy I:

  • Don’t pray
  • Don’t listen
  • Treat people poorly
  • Become less creative
  • Withdraw from people
  • I fail at lovely my wife and kids
  • Eat poorly
  • Make poor decisions. 
I’m sure I could add more. I think the church needs to be at the forefront to fight the need to feel important by being busy. Their is a reason why the Bible promotes sabbath. 

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