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This was a busy weekend. 

  • Service was great today. S. Wade and the band were awesome.
  • We had decent numbers. 
  • We are $4000 below budget this month. Not good at all. We need a miracle. 
  • I spoke on repentance today.
  • Purchased a road bike this afternoon. I hate spending money-but I gotta get healthy, it’s a non-option. 
  • I miss Africa-So does the team. We can’t wait to go back. 
  • Necole and I have spent hours this past week discussing our future. We really want her to work full-time for Help End Local Poverty. 
  • Kids were gone in Dallas for a week-they are back now and I’m happy. 
  • Had fun Friday night @ Moonshine with friends. 
  • Had fun today at lunch with friends. 
  • Necole and I are trying to hit-up Seattle of SF in a few weeks. We need a break and cooler weather. 
  • I miss the beach-I miss the mountains. 
  • Mangum is speaking at a youth camp this week. poor soul-pray for him.
  • We bought a house-now what? (blog post coming soon)
  • Miss Africa…I’m serious. 
  • I was a bad pastor this week-I forgot to take a sabbath. 
  • The American Dream is boring. Americans need to start dreaming bigger. 
  • The Red Sox are stressing me out. 
I hope you had a great week. 

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