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Warning: Everything on Simply Missional is usually of the stream of consciousness variety. I consider this blog a virtual living room where people can come and dialog and hopefully learn. Many of these conversation go a bit deeper via IM, Email or *gasp* one-on-one connections. I write with a sense of improv-sure I think first, but for the most part I want this blog to stay raw and I don’t want to be any sort of guru where folks flock to find some magic-wand of momentum and power that will cause their church to grow leaps and bounds. I’ll leave that for the mega-bloggers and folks who actually know what they are doing…

In the meantime I can’t thank-you enough for those who have made this blog a place of community. And no I won’t have Mr. Linky show up soon.


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  1. Hey bro, I like you and your improv. You are a good dude.

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