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Why do I Twitter & Facebook? I get that question a lot. Some say it’s a waste-of-time. Others say it’s not authentic community.  While others love it and a few (or many) are addicted to social media. 

This is why I love Facebook and Twitter. 

1. Hearing other people’s stories gives me energy and focus. I love it.

2. I dig getting an inside look in another person’s life. It become holistic, I get to see the good and bad, the ups and down’s. Usually people don’t hide behind social media. Actually I think they become a bit more real. 

3. Vision: I love casting the vision that God has given me. And I love hearing the vision God has given others. Their is a connection. If not for social media, I would not have the time to keep up with so many friends. 

4. Prayer: I get a chance to pray for people often. I know things I would have never known, because of distance and or time. 

5. Learning: I get a chance to learn from others. 

6. Networking: When I accept a Facebook friend. I also get a chance to become friends with their friends. I get a chance to invest in their lives and hopefully they can invest in my life. 

Rules: We all need rules to live by so we don’t take a good thing and make it bad. So here is a rule-just because Facebook has a million applications-spend your time in what matters most. I try and stay away from all the junk that can waste time. I don’t care about pirates or ninjas and all that stuff which I consider the “bad.” Also, don’t replace social media with face-to-face interaction. (the ugly) 

I could go on. Yes their are negatives. But all-in-all I see social media as a benefit that if used right can become a healthy aspect to community and relationships.

BTW- My facebook page is here and you can follow we on Twitter here. I’m looking forward to getting to know those who read this blog a bit better.




  1. I think if nothing else, Twitter and Facebook return us to the strong sense of community (though virtual) that I felt in the old days of USENET and online BBS services. Web 1.0 temporarily took away the bonds formed between people around the globe and turned the Web into just another form of broadcast media. Now, I think we’re seeing a return of the “Global Village.”

  2. I have bookmarked this post and the next time someone gives me crap about social networking, I am going to forward them this link.

    Very well put. Succint and brilliant. Social networkers everywhere stand and applaud you, sir.

  3. Dave,

    Thanks for dropping-by…I so agree with your assessment…


    Thanks man…Fight the power.

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