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It’s Saturday afternoon (not sure when I will post this) and I’ve spent the past 5-6 hours working on HELP while listening to U2 & Death Cab on Vinyl.

Here is the question I keep asking myself: “What is standing in the way of HELP raising 5 million in 5 years for those who live in extreme poverty?”

Here my thoughts.

1. Clarity: I can do a lot of things. Such as build water wells, sponsor kids, build orphanages and clinics. There is so much NEED, yet I need to focus. So what is my clarity?  Do I do them all based on individual projects? Or do I find a leader who has a need and invest in that leader to solve the need? As you can see I’m struggling to clarify the vision. But one thing is certain-I must have clarity. 

2. Creativity: Non-profits are no different than any business, you must attract attention. My friend Eugene Cho has done a masterful job at this via Facebook. Every-time someone becomes a “fan” of his organization he will donate $1 to the org. Therefore he now has 75,000 fans-freaking EPIC.

Most people don’t care about poverty all that much. They don’t mean to do this-but, it is what it is! My job is to be creative and get the story in front of the people. I have to get “them” to see the need and how they can help solve this issue in this lifetime. 

3. Resources: It’s not easy raising money in this economy. I need to find some creative resources. I’m currently putting together a campaign that can raise 6-figures plus in just a few weeks. This campaign is simple, yet I will not ask people to write a check. Hopefully It’s a creative way to fight poverty without asking people to just give money. I want to help educate them so they can help eradicate extreme poverty. 

4. Networking: This is just a natural strength of mine. If I’m going to be good I need to spend a lot of time in meetings, golfing (scary can you say 100+), event hopping, and such. I know If I’m going to be successful I will need to create a team of people who are better than me to help. I need favor with God and people. (Pro 3)

5. Team: I need a team of people who are deeply willing to sacrifice in order to see this dream fulfilled. These are people who will volunteer their time and work with and for HELP. I already have a good start!!!

6. Longevity: Man it’s a long road to start a non-profit. Most people don’t share the same passions and dreams and that can be so frustrating. (If someone tells me Jesus said the poor will always be with us, I may do a side-ways triple drop-kick to there forehead-and these are Christians) But I have to lead through that, knowing that exponential growth will occur somewhere down the road.

7. Trust: At the end of the day I know this is a God-thing so I have to trust Him. So simple and yet so hard. I know God cares about those in extreme poverty a lot more then me. Here is what drives me: I’m doing this organization for God more then people. Why? Because I know the heart of God is broken. So first-and-foremost I do this for God and His glory. This is why I’ve decided to keep this a “Christian” organization-which scares me. When I sit down with the billionaire business guy, I want him to know that I do this for God. 

What dream do you have? What is standing in the way of that dream being fulfilled?


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  1. Great post…especially the part about God caring SO much more than we do. Have had some of those moments in working with a non-profit ( where we have done our little efforts, and God has provided through people in totally unexpected ways reminding us who is in charge. My dream….do be effective in connecting people here to stories of people we serve, and building creative partnerships that help get needs met.

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