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I really like Ben Arment’s blog as of late. This quote is great:

“To reach people others aren’t reaching, you have to do what others aren’t doing.” Craig Groeschel is a rule breaker.

If you’re looking for a creativity boost then head over to Creativityist.

As always, Drew Goodmanson has some great thoughts on  Shared Values Of Missional Communites.

Los chimes in with some helpful thoughts on the Louie Giglio & Chris Tomlin church plant here. Just a thought but maybe we should give these cats a chance and assume they have a heart for God and Atlanta. 

Matt Chandler is now blogging. Matt is a great communicator. I have a ton of respect for him. HT: Lot’s of people 🙂 

Scott Hodge has some great advice on listening.

Great new blog on living missional in suburbia. Many think I hate suburbia-I don’t. Well except for HOA compalining about this-that-and-the-other. But God loves the “burbs.” 

Aaron Ivey posted his thoughts on simple living. Welcome to Austin btw. 

I love the photography of Stuck In Customes. Another Austinite who’s work is incredible. 

Also, if you’re not reading Eugene Cho & Bob Roberts you should be. Both of these guys are church planters who are making great local & global impact. Eugene has 75,000 Facebook fans for his new “not-yet-named” non-profit. Yes I’m envious. I’ve decided to start a Facebook page also-I will give .1 to every fan, any takers?  Bob Robert’s is a living mentor to me. I have not met Bob, but love his heart and passion for the local and global church. 

Now it’s time to eat cold pizza for lunch….Shalom!


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