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This week I’m going to continue my thoughts on church planting. You can view the first three posts here, here, and here.

Again these thoughts are raw…but I’m very passionate about them and I think there is some wisdom to be gained. Although I know there are multiple “effective” ways to start new churches.

Although I do think our current popular models will dwindle as America becomes more post-Christian and we will need to be more creative with our approach and also create more sustainable systems so the average church planter can be effective.

I think we will see more and more “smaller” church communities who are “being sent” into the world and not settle for the “come & listen” approach. We want action, adventure and mission. 

The focus will shift to “doing” the mission and not “discussing” the mission. Churches will call Christians to a more deeper walk that requires self-feeding and deep deep deep sacrifice for the cause of Christ and quicker leadership responsibilities. 

Pastors won’t settle for spending hours upon hours in sermon study & church meetings, instead they will spend hours upon hours doing the work of the ministry and training people in the process to release them. They will leave the four-walls-of-the-church and do leadership training while “doing” the mission.  

Buildings will become less important as the need for money becomes more vital. We will seek a new ways to spend our resources on issues that are close to the heart of God and because we do this we set an example for our communities and those who are far from God. They (our communities) will see our “works” and be drawn to the cross. 

Churches will become more global in nature and pastors will become more like missionaries in there own cities and towns as we deal with a new “flat” world and the complexities that go along with a global village. Churches will raise up key leaders to love and serve those people, these leaders will be local missionaries. But they will still have to learn cross-cultural ministries even though they will never leave their own country. 

Seminaries will shift from academia to practicum. When one graduates are they ready to think more and more “mission” and less and less “institution?”  That will be a key question. It’s not what you know-it’s what you’re willing to do. 

Alright…I was not planning on writing today…But these thoughts kinda came out. So I will stop for the moment and continue tomorrow.



  1. Man, Chris… we need to meet in person someday. I love your thoughts here… and wish I was more solid in this kind of thinking 3 years ago when we first moved to Raleigh. But, it has been a real learning experience… and I value that so much.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  2. How can we take this from a “2 to 10”

  3. Scott,

    We always do…


    Can’t wait to meet and hang. I deeply miss Raleigh and love you’re passion for social issues.

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