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So my wife and I will be heading to the Total Church Conference in beautiful San Diego next week. Tickets are booked. Man travel is freaking expensive right now. I hate it. We will be staying in a great Hotel Downtown with a Bay View and it’s also close to the conference, we will fly out Monday and return Saturday.

Some thoughts:

  • Necole and I really needed a break. We are both really tired right now. So I hope to relax and recover. But Necole and I also don’t relax on vacations. We go full-board. So this is really a work-vacation.
  • San Diego is simply amazing.
  • I really love the mission and vision of Kaleo Church. Drew & David are sharp cats who seem to bleed the mission of Jesus for post-Christian American.
  • Tim Chester & Steve Timmis are coming from the UK. Tim & Steve are the authors of Total Church and leaders of The Crowded House in the UK.
  • I can’t wait to connect and meet new leaders. That is such a joy.
  • Can you say 75 degree weather and beautiful BLUE Ocean. Ha, can’t wait!! (my kids are so BITTER right now)

If you’re going to be there let me know so we can hook-up.



  1. no seattle? pout.

  2. It will be good to see you in SD bro.

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