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So one aspect of the church world is dealing with disgruntled people. Every church has “those” people who always seem upset or mad. There is no way of escaping this. Why…Because we are people and people get mad at people.

As a leader Its hard to balance all these frustrations and conversations. And this is why vision is so important. Does you’re church know what you are trying to accomplish for the Kingdom? There are many “good” things to do. But my church can’t be “all things to all people.” We have to seek the heart of God and drive home the vision that God gives us as a local church.

Once you have a vision then that vision can become a conviction. Then a leader can lead no matter what situation comes up. This is not only a Lead Pastor or staff issue. We have to teach the leaders in our church to do the same. How many small groups got off track because some whack-job had an agenda and all-of-sudden the small group leader loses control. It happens all the time and usually that small group never fulfills it’s purposes.

How do we take control without feeling the need to control? I think the right answer is vision. Go here for a good example. Can you communicate the the vision in one page or on a napkin with deep passion and conviction?

At Vista our mission is to reach those who are far from God and help them discover the real Jesus. We do this by Worshiping Christ (Self-Feeding), Live in Community (doing intentional life with other believers) and Being on Mission. (using ones gifts and passions to serve Christ in natural domains such as neighborhood and community and intentionally serving those around the globe who are in extreme poverty). That is the vision we feel like God has given us-therefore we have to steward that vision.

Now here is the kicker. If someone comes to our church and does not like this vision. Say they want evangelistic outreaches; then we know they may not be a good fit for our community. (probably perfect for another church that has a like-minded vision) But if one loves our vision and is still frustrated then there is a good chance we as leaders are not doing a good job of communicating or helping people find their gifts, etc.

So I say again…lead with vision. Be willing to die for that vision. Of course it may take a church plant 2-3 years to find what they are willing to die for. But when you do…Go for it.


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