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It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m in my office finalizing some last minute details before I head out to San Diego and the Total Church Conference tomorrow. I think I will try and live-blog the conference if they have net access.

Also..these past few weeks I’ve went to the PO BOX for Help End Local Poverty to only find it empty, which is quite depressing. Yesterday I thought I would stop by and see if for some odd reason someone had sent a check…Needless to say my hope’s where not high. However there was a check for $4000. I seriously had tears in my eyes. This money will go straight to Africa to help those in need.

Vista was good this morning. Decent crowd for August and Jeff spoke a great message on learning to “self-feed.” Also Travis (from Color & Light) led today for Scotty as he is on Sully watch. (when is that kid going to come-geez). Travis has played faithfully in the band for over-a-year so it was awesome to see him step up and lead. I love how passionate our band-members are, they sacrifice deeply for The Kingdom.

I’m looking forward to meeting new leaders this week and I’m also pumped to hang with Necole in 75 degree SD weather as oppoed to 103 degree Austin weather. I have some friends I’m also going to catch up with from back-in-the-day. So that will be fun.

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