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Some more notes from the Total Church Conference:

Session 2: A Gospel-centered Community
Speaker: Steve Timmis

Gal 2:6
Gal 6:11-16

– What is a church that is not a gospel community?
– When we use the word “church.” We are most likely miscommunicating. We’ve lost the battle for the word church.

Creating A Gospel Culture:

– Jesus was the ultimate outsider. As was Paul.
– Justification is not to just save you, but to change how you live.
– Gospel saves us and sanctifies us and glorifies us. The Gospel is a daily walk.
– Justification by faith is forensic. Sinners are in Adam rather then in Christ. We move from Adam to Christ.
– Church is a new world order. It’s a piece of eternity brought into earth.
– A Gospel Community is an alternative life system, made of a different kind of people.
– Miracles are insights into heaven.
– We have to incorporate the gospel into all of our areas of life.
– The gospel gives us a new set of eyes.
-The Gospel is not left or right. We fight for proper marriage and we also fight for gays right (to be treated with respect) we fight for the poor to be treated well and for the baby to be saved.
– The gospel can reshape how we see capitalism, politics, relationships etc.
– People will know the gospel of Jesus by how Christians live their lives together in community.
– Everything (money, job, family) fits into the gospel.
– We have to redefine leadership. Its not about charisma or being dynamic but character and godliness.
– In the NT there was never a shortage for leadership.


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