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It’s really hard to say Necole and I took a true vacation. Monday and Saturday where travel days and we had to attend a conference also. But I can tell you I feel throughly refreshed. We’ve hit it hard for close to two years and we just needed to get away from the mundane rhythms of life. 

Some thoughts:

San Diego is a great city. Amazing weather, gorgeous coastlines, great nightlife and very clean. We spent as much time as we had at the beach. It’s been years since we’ve hung out and enjoyed the greatness known as the Pacific Ocean. Coronado and La Jolla beaches rocked and HWY 101 is breath-taking. 

We also enjoyed our free convertible upgrade. Life is just a bit better when you roll with the top down in 70 degree weather.

I can get used to this

I can get used to this


Our hotel views were epic. Downtoen SD (Gaslamp District and Petco Park) on the left and the bay and ocean on the right. (pic below) When we take trips usually we are “going” the whole time. But when we were at the hotel it was relaxing and beautiful. 

The Bay From Out Hotel Room

The Bay From Our Hotel Room

Every couple should buy a bottle of wine and stroll the beach…It just does not get much better. 





Since leaving Cali in 1998 we’ve only spend a little bit of time there. It was good to be back and remember why so many people love Cali. 

We hate traveling without our girls. The Marlow family is whole when the four-of-us are together. We don’t mind a day or two-just not five.

Travel is in our blood. Necole loves it and she really gets fired-up when we travel. We’ve really become comfortable with who we are and how God has wired us as a family.


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  1. I can relate to the feeling of getting a way from it all especially with the beautiful California coastlines at our disposal. It is also wonderful to see how much family is important to you.

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