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Tim Chester
Beyond Total Church…Starting a movements.

– Planting one church at a time is NOT enough. It’s a drop in the ocean.
– Must create a model of church that is reproducible. (no building, professional clergy)
– Can we start a church planting movement? No…movement can’t be controlled. They are works of God

The Model of mission is supernatural.
– All movements start with prayer.
– Prayer is our primary missional activity.
– Prayer needs to be an instinctive response to an opportunity or problem.
– Our role is to find people who are open to the gospel. And spend less time on people who are not.
– We must engage in spiritual warfare.
– Everyday reliance on God.
– We need to put God’s reputation on the line.
– Total Church was meeting 3 days of week for prayer.

The Model Of Living is Martyrdom

– We need a model of discipleship that begins with martyrdom.
– We need to move from incremental discipleship to “think about what happens when you become a Christians you might die discipleship.” 
– Martyrdom is a lifestyle-must take up the cross and carry it. It’s a call to die. Must be cross-centered.
– Must give people a vision for the resurrection of Christ.

The Model Of Church is Reproducible.

– Everyone should be able to do it.
– We should not complain if people don’t start churches if they are not able. (not everyone can speak well, raise lots of money etc)
– Must incorporate new converts rapidly.
– We need a more apostolic approach to leadership.


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