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Usually a few times a year I find myself battling sleep. Now I don’t really like to sleep in the first place. But when my mind races and I can’t stop thinking/praying/wondering I find myself going to bed at 2-3AM and waking around 7AM. 

I know i”m not healthy when this happens. Here are some common symptoms:

1. My prayer life SUCKS. Kinda like right now. 

2. I’m worried about stuff-usually this has to do with vision and mission. Decisions need to be made and I need to hear from God, which is hard if you’re prayer life stinks. 

3. Eating poorly. Which I’m doing. 

4. Not working out. You got it. I’m not working out at all right now. 

I hate getting in these ruts. It stinks, but I know it’s only for a season and I have to learn to endure. 

So if your in a rut-you’re not alone. Hopefully that makes you feel better.


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  1. Be still brother. Take Courage. He is here.

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