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Last night I was up to the “wee-hours-of-the-morning” thinking and dreaming. There are so many dreams I want to accomplish for God and so many experiences I want to share with my family and friends. There are really two big convictions in my life:

Local expression of the church:

As I dream about HELP I still have this deep passion to see a local body of Christ-followers live out the Kingdom-Way here in Austin. I want to be in the middle of culture living with those who are far from God and letting them see the Kingdom in my life and our local community. 

Austin is a growing city that is becoming influential. The possibilities here are quite amazing and the needs are massive. We need the Church to really step-up and lead and create. 

HELP: I deeply want to create an organization that works and deals with issues of global poverty. Matter-of-fact I think when I love the world and those in extreme poverty I’m reaching local Austinites also. They want to see a church that deeply loves and serves. Not a church that says “come” but a church that “goes” into our city and our world and loves deeply. 

If I’m going to reach Austin I need to be in proper domains. Church Planters have to create time to “do life” with those they are trying to love. If I’m going to raise money and create and organization that fights global poverty I will need to travel and speak. (sounds glorious to some but it’s a pain)

So how do I balance all of this? Here is what I think God told me last night…drum roll please…you ready? PEOPLE. I know sounds so simple, but it’s true. Leaders lead by finding people and empowering them. The only way for me to accomplish my dreams and calling is to do life with people and help empower them (as they empower me) to do what God calls us to do as a community.


  1. 4000 bucks – holy toledo batman!! i mean HOLY toledo Lord!!!

    thanks for posting that on anne’s blog – i won’t go into the specific reason it’s important to me but it is.

    God Bless you and gig ’em.

  2. Right on….it’s about people!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the encouraging post(s).

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