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It’s been a busy Sunday. Church, deacon meeting, yard-work, went to multiple stores to grab last second school items for my daughters and now we are getting the backpacks ready to roll for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow marks another big transition as my daughters embark on a new school; they are so excited. I would do anything to slow down time, but it’s not going to happen. Life is like a wild ride, it’s quick and you better live the life you desire before it’s to late. 

For me tomorrow is a symbol of change. I must find a new rhythm that is more focused and productive. I spent a lot of time in summer struggling to process some deep passions and dream big dreams.

Big dreams mean nothing without focus and hard work. Preparation is the difference between those who see their dreams come to life and those (me) who continue to dream.

Preparation separates the wannabes from the doers, those who have passion from those who act on their passion. I think if we want to see dreams come alive we got to get in the ring and start swinging. 

Summer is time to reflect, relax and enjoy life. Fall is time to focus and take care of business. 

Can’t wait for tomorrow.


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  1. man, now you’ve got me thinking about the next phase of life, and back to blogging! hope the girls have a great first day!

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