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For those who missed it. (me) Here is Don Miller prayer from the DNC last night. 

YouTube – Donald Miller Prays at the DNC.



  1. I don’t know why I thought it strange… I mean I’ve seen it done before like at graduations and big events like this… but it always looks weird to see people praying from a script… I guess we have the Lords Prayer… maybe that’s similar… thoughts?

  2. I couldn’t tell if he was really reading from a prompter or if he was praying, looking directly into the camera. I mean obviously he’s written it out, the text is available on his blog but yeah I agree with you it’s maybe a little weird. However, I could listen to Don read the ingredients off a cereal box and find inspiration 🙂

  3. worshipcity // very true, he’s an awesome communicator for sure!

  4. Scotty,
    You can tell he was a bit nervous. I loved the prayer as it combined grace and truth with wisdom. I think he was trying to contextualize. To me the important thing is the “heart of the prayer.”

    Worship City,
    Thanks for dropping by. Very interesting thought. I think he was reading from the prompter.

  5. I am not a democrat nor do I agree with their political views in the least. I was a little disappointed when I heard he prayed at the DNC but this prayer was excellent. I agreed with every word.

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