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This morning we headed downtown for our monthly meeting with fellow Austin Church Planters. Such a joy to hang with those guys and serve Jesus together. Every month they bring in a speaker and this month was Matt Carter who is the Lead Pastor of the Austin Stone.

I really enjoyed Matt’s heart. His church is growing like crazy (4000 this past Sunday) but he was so humble. He taught from a position of humility and weakness and I really appreciated that. Here are some of his thoughts:

– Suffering makes the bible come alive. (Matt had cancer for 2-3 years)
– We all must walk with a limp.
– All things for the sake of the gospel .
– Jonathan Edwards thought about his own death everyday…(so do I, I’m serious) We must have a sense of urgency.
– Get in the pulpit every Sunday and call people to die to the American dream

He also gave some practical advice on planting:

1. Don’t install Elders to quickly.
2. Make sure you help your people learn how to spiritually feed themselves and resource them to do that.

After the meeting I met with Keith who is helping us set-up the non-profit status for HELP. Keith is a lawyer who works at the Capital here in Austin. He’s a good dude and I’m looking forward to getting to know him some more. 

I’m also reading The Tangible Kingdom right now. This book is bringing shalom to my soul. (trust me I need it) Review forthcoming.



  1. I, too, am reading The Tangible Kingdom. Let’s talk about it sometime soon.


  2. E,
    Would love to. You like the book?

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