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I was a bit worried about this Sunday being that it’s a holiday and all. But the house was packed…We ran out of chairs and that is always a good sign.

Some further thoughts:

  • Glad I’m off tomorrow as I worked both yesterday and today.
  • I spoke on movement this morning. I think it went well.
  • Adam and band did great. That boy has got some talent. Plus he’s passionate on stage-that is so helpful. Loving our house-band.
  • Lot’s of new faces.
  • Really looking forward to this upcoming week. Lot’s to do. But I want to get it done.
  • Missing my Raleigh friends. Love that city and the Sacred peeps.
  • Madden 09 is awesome.
  • Heard the new U2 is out in November. That makes my heart VERY happy.
  • Can’t wait for some cooler weather in Austin. Man it’s been a hot summer.
  • I love hurricane type of weather-but I”m hoping Gustav becomes a rain-storm. This could be bad.
  • Need to workout…I’m slacking.

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