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A lot of people ask me why I still have hope in the church. Why do we do what we do…Is it worth it? So I was pondering that question and I think I have an answer. 

About 6 years ago I packed up my family and headed to Raleigh, NC from Dallas, TX. Some great friends made the journey with us. Our passion was to launch a church. We did just that…But we could not sustain it. Three years after we moved we closed down the church. I rarely talk about it. It’s just to painful. 

When I started Sacred I was completely frustrated with the American Church in general. Sometimes I just did not have the conviction to belief that the church could make a difference. I was an emerging flame-thrower.

As I look back at our community I realize how amazing God is. We deeply loved each other, we did life together, we had unchurched people, de-churched people, burnt-out Christians, single moms, newlyweds, drug addicts and collee students. We were multicultural and mixed denominationally. 

Those people, that church…In the midst of failure, taught me how to love and belief in the church again. 

The church (living out the gospel) is the hope of the world. We get to point people to Jesus by living out our faith together. I can look someone in the eye or preach a message with deep conviction that the church can and will make a difference.

So to my Sacred peeps; (not sure how many of you still read my blog) Rejoice. God did a beautiful thing in our hearts and life.  Because of you I have a deeper love for the church and the mission of God.



  1. Thanks for sharing! While you may not talk about this experience often I am glad you have shared it. I think it reveals a lot about your heart and your passion for ministry and deep community.

  2. Someone way smarter than me once said we learn much more from failure than from success. God has purpose in ALL happenings!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Loving people and living grace can’t ever be a failure. Grateful you’re still on the journey.

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